How to Make a Paper Flower Spiral Center

I love using this breathtaking center for my large flowers. It’s such a statement piece and really easy to make! To create this center you will need to own a cutting machine. I personally use a Cricut Explore One and this design is available in Design Space.


  • 3 sheets of 8.5″ x 11″ paper (you can also use 12″ x 12″)
  • Purchase the Marigold image in Design Space for 99 cents
  • Hot glue gun & hot glue sticks
  • Cricut or other cutting machine

Watch the full tutorial video on my YouTube Channel. Or see written instructions below. (Watch the video, trust me! It makes more sense!) Image-1.png

Start out by cutting the paper with your Cricut. Purchase the Marigold image and edit the dimensions. For this exact look you will need one piece cut to 7.741″ W x 6.884″ H for the center. (Make sure you unlock the dimensions before you enter them) For the two pieces that wrap around the center, cut those to 10.553″ W x 4.984″ H.

Now you should have your three pieces cut and are ready to assemble. Start out with your one wider piece for the center. Fold it in half but don’t line up the corners. Take one of the corners and bring it in about 1″ – 1.5″ and then glue it. This creates the tapered look. Set that piece to the side and do the same thing with the other two pieces. Taper the corners so they don’t line up directly.

Paper flower spiral center
When gluing the pieces in half together, make sure you do not line up the corners. Bring one of the corners in about 1″-1.5″ to create this look.
Paper flower spiral tutorial
This is how it looks with the center piece and one of the larger pieces wrapped around it.

Next, take your center piece and wrap it up. Twist it inwards all the way. It will start to look like a cone or an orb depending on how tight you twist it. Make sure you glue along the edges to secure it in place. Once that is done, take one of the two larger pieces that will wrap around your center piece. Place the center on the edge of the larger piece and glue it. Then wrap the large piece around the smaller center and repeat this step with your second larger piece.

After you have all 3 pieces assembled and glued together, use your hands to push the outer layers of the spiral down. But don’t forget to get creative and try your own versions!


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  1. Oh this is gorgeous. This paper flower center is a great showcase piece. I’ve seen them a lot in nurseries, but I was wanting some the accent and bring some warmth into my office.

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  2. omg! this is beautiful. Last week I went to a family birthday party event where I made lollipops with balloons for the candy birthday theme. The idea of making pretty flowers with paper is amazing for spring and summer house parties.

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  3. I searched in design space for the merigold image but there are no matches. I really want the center you did. Any suggestions where i can get the image to download?


    1. It looks like you had to pay for design space to use it now. It’s $8-$10 a month. Or purchase the $29.99 3D Floral Home Decor cartridge. It wasn’t like that previously. It’s called Marigold.


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