Photo Tutorial – Ruth Paper Flower Template

When I first started my paper flower business I was unsure of what templates to use. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to purchase some or if I should design my own. So I tried out a few designs and really loved the way they turned out.

A year later I have started making tutorials for my templates and now sell them on my Etsy shop!

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Paper Flower Photo Tutorial - Ruth.jpg

  1. Gather supplies. The supplies you need are
    • The Ruth template. You can purchase it here.
    • Paper. I used 8.5″ x 11″ Recollections paper from Michael’s
      • 12 sheets for the flower and 1 for the base (or 1 half piece)
    • Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
    • Sciccors
    • Pencil
    • Paper flower center
    • Something to curl your petals – large glue stick, bone shaping tool, etc.
  2. Trace your petals. You’ll need 6 of each size
  3. Cut out the petals
  4. Cut a base and cut a slit down the petals. The longer the slit, the lower your flower will sit. The shorter the slit, the taller your flower will sit. I prefer longer slits.
  5. Curl the petals in the shape you prefer. For this particular tutorial I shape one side of petal backwards and one side forwards.
  6. Glue the slit. Place glue on the left slit and fold over the right slit.
  7. Glue each layer of petals onto the base. I taper each layer of petals so they don’t lay directly on top of each other.
  8. Add your center!

If you’d like the full set of instructions, please purchase the template here.


Custom Bedroom Set

I love when my clients send me photos to color match to. Not only does it make my job easier because I’m such a visual person, but it also helps me make sure that I can do my best to match the colors perfectly.

For this set I chose to use two different shades of pink to match the pink flowers on the pillow. For the blue, I chose a blue that was slightly brighter than the blues on the pillow because I saw in the background that the walls are also a soft blue. So I wanted to make sure that the flowers stand out in the room.

This custom set of 5 flowers was purchased on my Etsy Shop, and it’s only $56!


To order a custom set, visit my etsy shop or email me at

Paper Flower Nursery Decor for Sisters

A few months back I had the opportunity to make two sets of paper flowers for a pair of sisters. Mom ordered these sets of 5 flowers to match their rooms and I was lucky enough for her to send me photos of the flowers hung in their rooms!

These sets are my set of 5 flowers. This set comes with two 19″ – 20″ large flowers, one 15″ medium flower, two 10″-12″ small flowers, and a set of leaves to match. This set of 5 flowers is $56 and is perfect for nurseries because there aren’t too many flowers where it can be overwhelming for small spaces, but they’re still absolutely breathtaking!


To hang a set of flowers on a wall, I recommend using a set of command strips. To hang the leaves, cut the strips down to fit the back and stick! It’s so simple and mess free!

To order your custom set of nursery paper flowers contact me at

Paper Flower Workshop – Hosted by Floral by Emily Jane

Wow I am so excited! I just planned my first ever paper flower workshop and you’re invited! I have learned so much during this hobby turned business and I want to share the best tips and tricks with you! I wish when I started doing this last year that I was able to find something like this local to me.

That’s why I’m extending this amazing opportunity to 13 people! I found this amazingly gorgeous venue in Lisle that the workshop will take place and there’s going to be snacks and refreshments! Plus, guests will have the opportunity to win raffle prizes, flower templates, and will go home with a large paper flower! So join me on May 27th from 1-3 pm in Lisle.

I can’t wait to host this event for you! I’ll also be planning more, so stay tuned! Purchase your tickets here. And, to receive updates and teasers, make sure you follow me on Facebook!

Pink White and Black Bedroom Inspiration

This bedroom is goals!

I teamed up with Erin from EK Photography to get some beautiful photos of this set of 5 paper flowers. She sent me a few inspiration photos of the comforter that purchased and the wall art so I could match the colors.

The wooden signs are from Rustic Pine Home Design. Check out their Etsy shop. The wooden A can be purchased from Hobby Lobby. They are originally $12, make sure you use a coupon! Spray paint to customize!

To purchase your custom set of paper flowers visit my Etsy Shop or send me and email at


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