Creating a Paper Flower Backdrop – FAQ

I get a lot of questions asking how I create my paper flower backdrops. And I mean a lot of questions. And usually I’m always happy to answer them! But I’ve been busy with creating more backdrops, and I just started a new job as well! So I thought it would be easiest for me to create this blog to answer some of my most frequent questions. If I haven’t answered your question please leave a comment below. I always try to answer quickly. Make sure you turn on email alerts for replies!

If you’re looking for more information, I will be putting together a full tutorial. And I mean full walk through with what supplies to purchase, videos and photos. This will be a tutorial that has to be purchased. I’m thinking the price will range from $50 – $75. If you’re interested in being alerted when it is available to purchase please email me at with the subject line, “backdrop tutorial.” I have chosen to make this a paid tutorial because I have spent the last year perfecting how I create my backdrops and sharing that knowledge is valuable.

You can also get more FREE tools, tips, and tutorials in my Facebook Group.

So here it is my paper flower backdrop FAQ:

  • How do you hang your paper flowers on the backdrop?
    • I glue all of my flowers onto poster boards, then hang the boards onto the backdrop using wire. (For any more info on this part of the process, you will need to purchase the tutorial)
  • Do you glue the flowers onto the poster at the event or before?
    • Always always always before the event. I would never risk something going wrong day of unless absolutely necessary. I have almost everything done before I arrive to set up. I may bring extra leaves and small flowers to fill any empty spaces if needed.
  • How long does it take you to create a backdrop?paper flower backdrop chicago
    • The one I just created took me two nights, maybe a total of 8-10 hours. But I always add a disclaimer, I like to take small breaks so I don’t get burned out. I’ll watch TV, play some video games, go on my phone, or cook dinner to take a short break.
  • How much paper does it take to make a backdrop?
    • I’m honestly not sure. I haven’t really kept track. I have a good amount already on hand so I never have to go and purchase all the paper I need for one backdrop. If you’re new and creating one, I’d say maybe 250-500 sheets. I know that’s a large range but it depends on so many things. How many flowers, how many layers and petals on each flower, what kind of centers and leaves you make.
  • Where do you get your backdrop and stand?
    • They can be purchased from event decor companies, amazon etc.
  • Where do you get your templates?
    • I create them. A few can be purchased on my Etsy shop. Support small businesses and purchase from other paper florists! If you can’t find what you’re looking for from me, there are a bunch of great ones on Etsy.
  • What kind of paper do you use?
    • Almost exclusively 65 pound cardstock from Michael’s.
  •  What kind of glue do you use?
    • ArtMinds glue gun and glue sticks from Michael’s.
  • How do you transport your backdrops?
    • I have a midsize SUV and have learned how big I can make my backdrops to make sure they can fit. My backdrop curtain folds and my backdrop stand folds into an easy to carry bag.

I hope this helps and gets you started creating your own paper flower backdrops. If you have any more questions leave a comment below!

10 thoughts on “Creating a Paper Flower Backdrop – FAQ

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  1. These paper flower backdrops are so beautiful! I’m inspired to try making one, but I’m not entirely optimistic that they’ll turn out quite as nice.


  2. This is a great tutorial about floral backdrops! I will have to share this with my DIY brides!! They will love it for their weddings!


  3. What a great explanation of how you create your beautiful floral backdrops! I admire these so much. I don’t think I’d have the patience!


  4. Thank you for your insight and knowledge into these stunning backdrops! Perfect for so many different types of events!


  5. I just love this as a backdrop for a wedding or an epic event! This is such a great tutorial thank you so much for sharing! I wonder how I could store it ?


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