Custom Bedroom Set

I love when my clients send me photos to color match to. Not only does it make my job easier because I’m such a visual person, but it also helps me make sure that I can do my best to match the colors perfectly.

For this set I chose to use two different shades of pink to match the pink flowers on the pillow. For the blue, I chose a blue that was slightly brighter than the blues on the pillow because I saw in the background that the walls are also a soft blue. So I wanted to make sure that the flowers stand out in the room.

This custom set of 5 flowers was purchased on my Etsy Shop, and it’s only $56!


To order a custom set, visit my etsy shop or email me at

11 thoughts on “Custom Bedroom Set

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  1. love the bright colored flowers. if my husband wasnt such a manly man i’d do this in our bedroom. this is something i could see my daughters doing as they get older.

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