Paper Flower Nursery Decor for Sisters

A few months back I had the opportunity to make two sets of paper flowers for a pair of sisters. Mom ordered these sets of 5 flowers to match their rooms and I was lucky enough for her to send me photos of the flowers hung in their rooms!

These sets are my set of 5 flowers. This set comes with two 19″ – 20″ large flowers, one 15″ medium flower, two 10″-12″ small flowers, and a set of leaves to match. This set of 5 flowers is $56 and is perfect for nurseries because there aren’t too many flowers where it can be overwhelming for small spaces, but they’re still absolutely breathtaking!


To hang a set of flowers on a wall, I recommend using a set of command strips. To hang the leaves, cut the strips down to fit the back and stick! It’s so simple and mess free!

To order your custom set of nursery paper flowers contact me at

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